A Little About Us

group class pic Dec2015Spring Hill Fitness is a locally owned and operated 24 hour gym known for its community feel and supportive environment. We provide a spacious open floor plan with plenty of natural sunlight and a high standard of cleanliness that foster a positive uplifting atmosphere not found in other gyms.

Half of our 15,000 square foot facility serves as the area's premier strength training locale.  With over 10,000 pounds of free weights and a full line of weight machines, we have the equipment to suit beginners and advanced bodybuilders alike.  We're also home to the top name brand equipment for powerlifting, olympic lifting, and cross fitness.

The other half of our facility is dedicated to cardiovascular health and group fitness.  We provide over 35 weekly group fitness classes FREE to members, a wide selection of cardio machines, a boxing room, turf track, and an outdoor area behind the gym for tire flipping and boot camp style workouts.

Another one of our core services is free child care in the mornings and afternoons so that parents may attend their favorite class or get their workout in while their children are cared for by our experienced staff.

Beyond all that we offer at Spring Hill Fitness, we're also proud of what we are not.  We are not "cliquey".  We are not the local hot spot for picking up a new date.  We are not full of steroids and silicone.  We are a diverse group of individuals who come together for a great workout and who treat each other with courtesy, friendliness, and mutual respect.

We encourage individuals and families of all levels of fitness to join us in a journey to de-stress, get healthy, look better and feel better. Whether you are a physique or strength competitor, just want to tone up for next season, or are on a mission to lose 200 pounds, it is our goal to make you feel welcome here. While we may have different goals, what bonds us is that we're all here for the same reason: to better ourselves. Come check us out and see for yourself what we're all about. We look forward to meeting you!


Just recently joined and couldn't be happier.  It's a beautiful gym - the pictures don't do it justice.  The variety and quality of the equipment are top notch, and everything is clean and new looking.  Love the large free weight area and the extras like the turf track, boxing room, and the section of the gym set up for crossfit.  Haven't tried any of the group classes, but I've heard good things and know they're free. The people who work out here seem like a good crowd.  Haven't run into any bad attitudes or overgrown egos so far.  Staff is friendly, and I've seen the owners here working out so they're easy to get a hold of. The price is a few dollars more per month than the other gyms I tried but well worth it in my opinion for a 5 star gym.

Frank P.

Love this place.  My wife and I have been going for about a year - it's way nicer than the other gyms in town, super clean, and can't beat the 24/7 access.  My wife loves the spin classes and Zumba, and I love the free weight and cross fitness areas.  The turf track and free towel service are extras you normally don't see at a fitness center.  I've been to many gyms across the country while travelling for work, and this is probably the nicest one I've ever been to.  Staff and owners are friendly and always say Hi when I come in.  Highly recommended.

Scott H.

I've been a member of Spring Hill Fitness (formerly HG Fitness) for almost three years now - longer than I have ever been a member of any fitness facility. I was concerned when the former owners sold the gym, but the only changes have been positive. Lots of new equipment and amenities. The new owners and staff are very friendly. And they do a great job of keeping the gym clean and welcoming. I've also trained with Ken Hughes the entire time I've been at the gym. He's taught me more about fitness and nutrition than I ever imagined. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him or this gym to anyone I meet.

Gena R.

I have met the new owners, and by are incredibly friendly. They say hi to me every time I come to the gym. The gym has been upgraded since the prior owners were here. New equipment and I especially like the sled. As for cleanliness, I challenge anyone to find a cleaner gym in Spring Hill.  Gym has been immaculate each time I have come in. If you are looking for a trainer, Ken Hughes did wonders for me.  He is a skilled nutritionist and trainer. For the money, this gym is an excellent value. You and your family will love it like I have.

Matt M.

I have been a member for a few months and really enjoy it. Tons of cardio equipment, free weights, machines, cross fit - ish area, weight sled, kickboxing room, lots of classes, spin; all equipment is in great shape. 24/7 access is a big plus, along with the towel service. The gym is clean and well maintained; the staff are polite and helpful. In my opinion the owners are dedicated to making their gym a standout, and they are succeeding.

Charlie C.

I have recently joined this gym and I must say I am impressed it's very well kept and super clean the owners are great, friendly and just all around nice people. They have everything you need and are still adding and take request for equipment that's awesome BTW!!! I highly recommend this gym!!!!

Micah A.

Spring Hill fitness is the among the best of the best. I've been in so called "good" Gyms all over the country. Spring Hill fitness has every thing someone interested in changing their life would want, cross fit, free runner, classes and body building. It's massive in size and open 24 hours. I like to go early because that's my way. 4am I'm there. If you want to physically enhance your life and you live in this area. There's no better place.

Lanika A.