Easy Weight Loss with Wildree Meal Prep

I recently did an experiment in meal prepping that I want to share with you guys.  I ended up losing 17 pounds in just under 60 days, with most of the loss being body fat (pics below… if you fear body hair, click away now).  Best of all I did no cardio, took no weight loss supplements, and made no changes to my usual workout routine.  It was all pretty easy!  I thought some of you might be interested in trying this approach to losing fat as painlessly as possible.

The main thing I did was replace my normal lunch and dinner with a pre-made healthy meal that I prepared over the weekend with the help of my lovely wife.  Okay, she actually made them for me, but I did help a little!

Here’s what I ate each day:

Breakfast – 4 eggs, a complex carb (1/2 cup oatmeal or 2 slices whole grain toast or 2 flapjacks), and a piece of fruit (apple or grapefruit)

Lunch – Pre-made Wildtree meal (5-8 oz meat, 1 cup of rice or sweet potato, 1 cup veggies)

Post Workout Snack – protein shake or a peanut butter protein ball

Dinner – Pre-made Wildtree meal (same as lunch)

I drank water, diet lemonade, and an occasional diet soda.  Usually two cheat meats a week but nothing crazy.


weightloss side

weightloss back

Keys to the diet:

  • Take one day each week or hire a meal prepper to make healthy lunches and dinners in advance for the week. That makes the entire process super convenient.
  • Use recipes or a meal system that actually tastes good! Otherwise you’ll find yourself straying and eventually quitting.
  • The meals need to be loaded with nutrients so that your body doesn’t crave more food throughout the day.
  • The total calories need to be scaled to your individual requirements. This may take a bit of experimentation or the help of a nutrition coach.

What are Wildtree meals and why did I use them?  Wildtree is a company that offers nutritious organic recipes along with all the spices and sauces needed for the recipes.  It makes meal prepping super easy.  I used them mainly because they taste awesome!

Another option for those who don’t like to cook is to order ready made meals from a reputable company in your area.  Try googling or asking around at your local gym for recommendations.  You may find the taste and convenience to be worth the extra cost.

Any questions just ask!