The Best Shoulder Exercise: Bowing Laterals

Chances are you’ve never heard of one of the best shoulder exercises out there, the bowing lateral raise.  It’s fantastic for building up the rear delts and strengthening the deep stabilizers of the shoulder joint, i.e. the rotator cuff.  Since I started doing them, my shoulder problems have all but disappeared… not a small feat…

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sugar-addiction donut grab

Habits, Addictions, and Fitness

Most of us know we should be eating healthy foods and hitting the gym consistently – it’s a matter of actually doing it.  That’s where the power of habits and addictions comes into play. It turns out that a large percentage of our daily actions is done out of habit, without much conscious thought.  We…

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20 Rep Squat Program

Today I want to discuss the classic 20 rep squat program that people have been using for decades to gain size and strength.  The reason it’s been around so long is that it works.  It’s a brutal workout, but if you have the toughness to get through it, you’ll gain some serious muscle throughout your…

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back muscle anatomy

Tips for Complete Back Development

After my last post that showed my weight loss pics, a few people asked what I do for back development, so here are my tips… Work your back as much as your front – too many people in the gym put all of their energy and focus on the muscles they can see in the…

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Easy Weight Loss with Wildree Meal Prep

I recently did an experiment in meal prepping that I want to share with you guys.  I ended up losing 17 pounds in just under 60 days, with most of the loss being body fat (pics below… if you fear body hair, click away now).  Best of all I did no cardio, took no weight…

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Gym Etiquette Tips

Proper gym etiquette basically amounts to being considerate and not annoying others in the gym.  Most rules of etiquette are common sense, but some are specific to the gym environment and not so obvious, especially to those new to working out.  I’m sure no one wants to offend or annoy others due to lack of…

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Interview with Cory Davis

In this month’s interview, I’d like to introduce you to a regular member of Spring Hill Fitness who has some special skills that could most likely help you with your health and fitness goals, Dr. Cory Davis. Cory has been a member of our gym for over two years now and could easily be mistaken…

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monkey bars pic

Monkey Bars 101

For those interested in the Monkey Bars at the gym, I wanted to explain their purpose and provide some pointers on how to get across them. Main uses of the Monkey Bars: 1. Obstacle course training!  We’re proud of our obstacle course racers and feel that OCRs are a great way to get fit with…

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Why You Should Do Interval Training

Are you tired of that pudge around your belly?  Do you despise doing steady state cardio for 20-45 minutes at a time?  Did you know that you can burn more fat and improve your heart health and endurance in just a fraction of that time?  Sound too good to be true?  Is this starting to…

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6 Best Landmine Exercises

If you use the weight side of the gym at Spring Hill Fitness, you’ve probably seen the landmine apparatus over by the cross-fitness equipment.  It’s basically a short tube mounted to the floor on a double hinge.  You stick one end of a barbell in it, and the other end is free to move in…

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