5 Ways to Stick to Your Workouts Over the Holidays

Sometimes we find ourselves slacking off our exercise routines during the holidays, either due to cold weather, time spent with relatives, general laziness, or the dreaded carb coma.  If you’re not careful, you could find yourself gaining 10-15 pounds and losing much of the fitness you’ve worked so hard for.  Use these tips to stay…

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A Case for Cheating

To cheat or not to cheat, that is the question!  Kids, never cheat on your school work – you won’t learn anything that way.  Grown-ups, don’t cheat on your taxes.  Take all the deductions you can, but don’t cheat.  That would be un-American.  But how about cheating in the gym? If you’ve ever received advice…

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Interview with Bodybuilders Bubba Wise and Erick Hargrove

Jerry “Bubba” Wise and Erick Hargrove, who both recently competed in their first bodybuilding show, are two of our most dedicated members here at Spring Hill Fitness.  It’s not uncommon to find them in the gym 6 days a week, working out for 2+ hours at a time.  For those of you who’ve seen them…

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Girl, Please! You Pay What for What?

I was thinking today, as a powerlifter in my offseason, training Olympic lifts, how truly lucky we are at our gym. With all these pop-up specialty boxes, I’m reminded that I don’t want to fit inside a box or pay a specialty box price! I want to belong to a box without borders, a fitness…

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How Much Protein Do You Need?

We’ve all heard that protein is the building block of muscle.  The question is, how much protein should you be eating to support the hard work you put in at the gym? On the one hand, we have the Recommended Dietary Allowance from the National Institute of Medicine at 0.36 grams of protein per pound…

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Sherri Hildreth Tough Mudder Interview

Sherri Hildreth, a member of our gym since 2014, has been on a tear this year competing in Obstacle Courses all around North America!  She was kind enough to take a few moments to share her fitness story and her adventures on the trails and in the mud. SHF: Sherri, congrats on completing two Tough…

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Excellent YouTube Channel Alert

In today’s entry, I want to point you guys to an excellent YouTube channel for tips on getting stronger and gaining lean muscle.  I ran into it a couple of weeks ago, and it’s so good I just had to share. The guy who puts together these videos, Brian Alsruhe, definitely knows his stuff, but…

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Early member of the club

Pierre Suter’s Weight Lifting Story

Anyone who’s been pursuing a hobby or passion for 20+ years has a story to tell and lessons learned that others could benefit from.  Here’s my story as it pertains to weight lifting. Awestruck at Six It started when I was six years old and struck by the awesomeness of the first person I laid…

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Brandy Norris Savage Race Interview

Quick intro: Brandy Norris is one of our awesome group fitness instructors at Spring Hill Fitness.  She and her “Mudaholics” teammates have been competing in obstacle course races, so we wanted to get the scoop on what it’s all about! SHF: Brandy, congrats on completing the Savage race in Georgia this year! For those of…

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Should You Wear a Weightlifting Belt?

The belt question is one I hear a lot around the gym.  The short answer is that if you have no back pain and you don’t do heavy lifts like squats, deadlifts, or bent over rows, then you don’t need a belt and are actually better off not wearing one.  If you do heavy back…

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