Muscle Building with HIT

Today I want to provide an intro to HIT (High Intensity Training) which is an effective form of weight training that was popular from the 1970s-1990s.  It works just as well today as it did back then, but not a lot of lifters today know about it.  It’s especially great if you’re short on time,…

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Workout Variety and Periodization

Today I want to touch on the concepts of workout variety and periodization.  Hefty text books have been written entirely about periodization, but it’s a safe bet most of you don’t have the time or desire to read them, so I’ll do my best to briefly explain the basics and how to apply them to…

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arnold supersetting

Supersetting For Better Workouts

Today I want to talk about a bodybuilding training technique that anyone can use to make their weight workouts more effective and efficient. For those who don’t know, supersetting is doing two exercises without any rest in between.  There are a lot of ways to incorporate supersets into your workouts, but my favorite is to…

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rope climb military

How to Climb a Rope

One of our more unique exercise implements at Spring Hill Fitness is a 15 foot climbing rope.  Most people don’t have a clue about how to climb it, so I wanted to give you all some tips on doing so safely and effectively. You can approach rope climbing as either an obstacle to conquer or…

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klokov training pic jerk at crossfit facility

Olympic Lifting Programming

My previous post about Olympic lifting inspired a few readers to ask how to program an Olympic lifting routine.  Here I’ll share an approach that worked great for me.  A wonderful thing about this routine is that it can be adapted to just about any level of lifter, from beginner to advanced. Let me start…

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Exercise in Peru

Working Out While on Vacation

If you’re lucky enough to take the occasional vacation out of town, you might wonder what to do about your workouts.  You don’t want to slack off and lose your hard earned gains, but on the other hand you don’t want to spend your vacation in the gym.  What’s one to do? There was a…

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OL rezazadeh3

Olympic Lifting is in the Air

In honor of the 2016 Summer Olympics, I wanted to post up a few Youtube videos to get people pumped up about the weightlifting!  First, a highlights clip (3 minutes) from the 2012 Olympics: 2012 Olympic Games highlights (won’t embed) Here’s a clip (2 minutes) of Kendrick Farris, the sole male U.S. lifter who qualified…

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abs in kitchen not 250k crunches

Some Basics of Getting Lean, by Seth Kalb

It’s that time of year again.  The cardio room at the gym becomes more busy as so many of us try and trim down for the beach.  So it seemed appropriate to write a blog for this page on the subject of leaning out as far as what to do in the gym.   Before…

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crossfitter viewpoint poster

Is CrossFit any good?

Seems like everyone has an opinion of CrossFit these days, so here’s mine.  Let me preface by saying I’ve never actually been to a box to “do” CrossFit.  I’ve done some CrossFit workouts (e.g. Grace sub 2:30 and Fran sub 5:00 without kip) and have an extensive background in weightlifting and strongman which I feel…

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toddler chewing cord

Guide to Injury Prevention

Minor injuries in the weight room are fairly common, but they don’t have to be.  Follow these points to stay as healthy and pain free as possible. Proper exercise form – It’s best to get an experienced lifter or trainer to help you with your exercise form, but the important points that apply to most…

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