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Supplements that Actually Work

I’ve tried a lot of nutritional and bodybuilding supplements over the years, and most of them didn’t do anything other than drain my wallet or make me gag.  Eventually, I came to the realization that many supplements are a scam, no different than the exercise gizmos sold on infomercials guaranteed to carve out your abs…

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Dealing with Injuries when You’re an Exercise Junkie

If you work out long enough, sooner or later you’re going to suffer some kind of injury.  When that happens, the safest advice for both of us is to go see a doctor.  If it’s a serious injury or emergency, I recommend doing just that or going straight to the ER, but for common injuries…

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How to do a muscle up

Muscle ups, whether done on rings or a bar, are a challenging body weight exercise that few people are able to do.  You may have seen Crossfit athletes on TV or YouTube doing muscle ups and thought it would be a cool thing to try, only to find it impossible to haul your butt up…

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Interview with Dan “Captain America” Vandenbosch

If you’ve been coming to Spring Hill Fitness for any length of time, you’ve probably seen Dan Vandenbosch around the gym and may even know him personally.  Dan is one of our long time members who takes advantage of just about everything available at the gym, from weights to the turf track, cardio, and group…

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Four Strongman Exercises for Everyone

If you’ve ever watched World’s Strongest Man on TV and thought it would be fun to try some of the exercises/events, this post is for you.  Besides being a fun challenge, strongman events are a great way to strengthen muscles and tendons that don’t get much stimulation from typical gym exercises.  There are a lot…

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Why all the different bars?

If the title had you wondering where to get your favorite drink, get your head straight!  I’m talking about weight lifting bars.  If you go to a Walmart-style gym, you’ll find a bunch of bars that are generic and cheap, just like they think you are.  Nicer gyms have a variety of bars designed to…

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How to Build Strength and Power

Today I’ll share the most effective training program that I’ve used over the years for building strength and power.  After over 20 years of training using nearly every program under the sun, this is the program that lead to lifetime bests in the squat, overhead press, bent over row, and other lifts.  If you give…

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5 Steps to a Lean Physique

Today I’ll give you a very simple eating plan for getting leaner and being healthier. Personally, I don’t believe in diets for long term weight loss because people eventually get off them and regain the weight. What I do is follow this 5 step plan year-round. The leaner I want to get, the more steps…

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franco deadlift

How to Deadlift

A question I hear all the time at the gym is how to deadlift properly. The deadlift is a fantastic exercise that works all the muscles in the back of the body from the hamstrings all the way up to the traps. It’s also great for the grip and the core. Since we’re all built…

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Secrets of Weight Training Success

Okay, I lied in the title – there are no secrets to weight training success.  Or maybe that is the secret. One thing’s for sure – it can be really confusing to read about dozens of different training methods, each with their own success stories and in some cases cult-like followers. The reality is there’s…

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