How to Deadlift

A question I hear all the time at the gym is how to deadlift properly. The deadlift is a fantastic exercise that works all the muscles in the back of the body from the hamstrings all the way up to the traps. It’s also great for the grip and the core. Since we’re all built…

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Secrets of Weight Training Success

Okay, I lied in the title – there are no secrets to weight training success.  Or maybe that is the secret. One thing’s for sure – it can be really confusing to read about dozens of different training methods, each with their own success stories and in some cases cult-like followers. The reality is there’s…

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Sharing the Love of Fitness

Hello World and people of Spring Hill in particular! Just wanted to give a quick intro to what this blog is about. I’ll be posting tips, articles, videos, and interviews with the goal of informing and motivating you by sharing my passion for the past 30+ years – strength, health, and fitness! Thanks to the…

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