Ready Meals


At Spring Hill Fitness, we realize the crucial role nutrition plays in meeting your health and fitness goals.  You can’t train away a bad diet. That’s why we are proud to offer nutrition programs and ready meals brought to you by Fat Fighting Mom.

Fat Fighting Mom is a meal prep service that offers nutritious ready to eat meals starting at under $10 with no minimum order.  Meals are chef-prepared, fully cooked, perfectly portioned, tasty and gourmet catered to any lifestyle or nutrition plan.  Place your order online and pick up for free at Spring Hill Fitness or have them delivered to your door for a small fee.

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If you need help with your diet or other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, meet with our Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach, Amber Suter, to go over a plan to meet your needs.  Learn proven strategies to reduce and manage stress, promote and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Learn how to create a healthy, nutritional plan just for you and how to deal with impeding challenges along the way. She’ll help you identify nutritional behavior patterns and tackle triggers, all while putting together a healthy, eating everyday science based formula tailored to you.

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Amber intimately understands the struggle of weight management, having lost over 100 pounds while battling thyroid and auto immune disorders.  Whether you face similar struggles or are just looking to fine tune your diet and shed a few pounds, Amber has the expertise and experience to help you reach your goals.  For more details on all that Amber has to offer, check out her website