Massage Therapy

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Massage has been used effectively for centuries to treat a variety of conditions from soft tissue injuries to tight muscles, chronic pain, and tension related stress. Taking an hour or two per month to treat yourself to a massage can make everything else you do less painful and stressful, improving the quality of your life and those around you. Contact our qualified and experienced massage therapist to book your appointment today.

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Meet Holly Lewis, LMT

Holly Lewis received her massage license in the summer of 2012. She graduated from Tennessee Career Institute top of her class. She is Proficient in the following: Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point massage, sports massage, pain relief technique, PNF, hot stone massage, body stretching/range of motion techniques, prenatal/side-lying massage, neuromuscular therapy, Therapeutic and myofascial release. 

A message from Holly

“I decided to become a massage therapist after many years of doing massage on friends and family and, seeing results, decided to make a career and use my hands daily for therapeutic care. I’ve loved it from day one and plan to continue for many years. In my spare time when not doing massages I enjoy being outdoors hiking, camping, cruising, and taking regular beach trips with friends and family.”

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